Common Symptoms Of Hair Loss And Its Causes


Hair loss is a common problem suffered by both men and woman. It is of course normal to lose hair but an uncontrolled loss of hair, and when the hair does not regrow, then it is a serious problem. Various reasons cause hair loss, and you identify it by knowing the symptoms that you notice in your body. You can treat hair loss with various latest treatments by identifying the reason for the hair loss. Does Rogaine actually work? Read on HairWiz about the review of the product for reducing hair loss.
Check it out on the reasons of thinning of your hair. The article below lists some common symptoms of hair loss and the reasons that cause hair fall.

There are several types of hair loss experienced by both men and women. Hair loss can be temporary, and some may be permanent. You can find that you lose hair gradually on the top of the head. This occurs for both men and woman. There are situations where you can witness circular patchy bald spots which are due to hair fall. You may also experience a sudden loss of hair thus your hair looks thin.

There are several reasons for people losing their hair. Heredity is the primary reason which can cause hair fall problems. When you have a family history of people suffering from a heavy loss, hair then you’re likely to be affected with hair loss. You can experience female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness due to family history. There are several medical conditions which cause hair fall. Medical conditions like alopecia, scalp infections are the reasons for the loss of hair. Hormonal changes in your body can also result in hair fall. You can also experience heavy hair fall due to the side effect of medications taken by you for several health issues like blood pressure, cancer, heart problems etc.

People may also experience hair fall due to the use of hair care products and due to the hair care treatments administered. There are conditions when people try out different hairstyles which make the hair root weak resulting in hair fall. Stress is the primary factor which causes hair loss. Stress affects the metabolism of your body; thus you face heavy hair loss. People lose hair when they become old and when there is a sudden decrease in the weight of your body. Deficiency is the common reason for people losing hair. Iron helps in the growth of hair protein, and thus it is essential for your hair growth.

Prevention is always better than cure. Several tips can help to prevent the hair fall problem. Do not go for tight hairstyles and heavy hair care products. Do not go for permanent hair styling solutions. Handle your hair soft when washing and brushing. Protect your hair from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Avoid smoking as it can cause baldness. Do not twist or pull your hair when performing hairstyles. You can avoid certain medicines that cause hair fall.

The above are some of the symptoms and causes of hair loss for both men and women.