Prepare Your Dog To Live With Your Newborn Baby

dog with new born baby

If you have had a pet dog for many years and you are too attached to it, you might be worried when you are expecting a baby in your life. The cause of the worry would be how your dog will live with the baby. Many owners make the wrong move by getting rid of their pets because of the fear that they will cause harm to their babies. You need not opt for this resort while expecting a baby. Most dogs can be trained to live with a newborn baby. You need to keep in mind that you need to treat your dogs properly.

Pets and children make wonderful companions if they are raised properly together. They should be taught to behave in a better way with one another. Children who grow up along with pets will learn to respect and love the animals in a better way. Also, such children will respect the animals for life. Even when they grow older, they learn their responsibility by helping and caring for the animals. The animals enrich the lives of children beyond belief.

Having a baby might be a little problematic for the humans as well as dogs. The dogs might act differently as they are treated differently. Some owners might have spoiled the dogs by pampering them like a baby, so it might be a little tough to handle such dogs when there is a newborn in the house. There are owners who punish the dog for normal or curious behaviour towards the newborn as they are stressed a lot in handling the baby. The pets that were the centre of your world have been replaced by your baby and this might make the pets envious. You need to treat your pets properly by spending enough time and effort on your pets so that they can accept the newborn and live in harmony.

Sometimes, your dogs might be overprotective of the newborn. Some owners enjoy the same and prefer making the dog a guard for their babies. It is normal for the pet to be protective, but it is dangerous to be overprotective. The dog will not let anyone approach the baby and there are such scenarios that have left the owners with no other option than sending the dog out of the house.

If you are preparing to bring your newborn home, you need to ensure to prepare your dog in advance. Some dogs do not consider babies as humans due to their size, strange noises that they make and smell. You need to take time to give extra love and attention to your dog to keep it away from bad behaviour. Prepare the dog to face what lies ahead so keep it ready to accept the new member of the family. You can use calming remedies such as oils, aromatherapy, and herbs or prescription medicines to bring a better behaviour. Talk to your veterinarian about the best products that are available and the impact of the same on your dog.

However, be aware of the fact that your dog is an animal that can bite or cause harm to your baby at any point in time, intentionally or unintentionally.

Developing a Harmonious Relationship with Your Dog

Teaching a dog to sit using food

The key to enjoying having a four-legged friend around the home, in my experience at least, is in developing a positive relationship with him or her from the first moment you meet. Start off on the right foot and things will be very easy for you; make basic mistakes from the get go and it will be harder, although certainly not impossible, to make the relationship work in the future. As I am by no means an expert in canine behaviour, I have taken the 2 dogs that I have personally owned to see a professional trainer, when they were still very young.

 How Professional Dog Training in Surrey Has Helped Me and My Pets

 It may be worth travelling if you cannot find a suitably qualified professional in your area but I was lucky in this respect as I found a dog trainer with a first-rate record living just a few miles away There are several key benefits I have enjoyed thanks to the time and money I invested in professional assistance with the training of my pets.

  •  Learning How to Treat My Dogs– Although no two dogs are the same, it is invariably the owners who are at fault when their pets start to misbehave. This was a difficult fact for me to swallow but once I accepted it, I was able to make rapid progress with my canine friends. Most dogs take their lead from their owners as far as the behaviour they exhibit is concerned: once you know how to behave, your dogs will quickly fall into line.
  •  Anticipation of Future Behavioural Issues– The knowledge that was passed down to me by the professionals I consulted made it much easier for me to anticipate potential problems in the future and ensure they never became a serious issue.
  •  Being Able to Respond Immediately to Obvious Signs– Unless you know what to look for, interpreting the behaviour of your pets can be very difficult indeed. Perhaps the biggest benefit I have enjoyed, thanks to the dog training in Surrey I invested in, is the ability to understand what my pets are trying to say to me and to react appropriately.

 If you would like to have a dog in your home but you are worried about training it, I can definitely recommend consulting a specialist. Doing so has made all the difference in the world to me and my pets.

Train Your Dog To Make It Walk On A Loose Leash

Train Your Dog To Make It Walk On A Loose Leash

In order to strengthen your position as an in-charge, it is important to leash train your dog. You must train your dog in such a way that it can walk on a loose leash. This way, both you and your dog will enjoy the walk. Using a tight leash will make it harder to control the dog. If you are going to make the leash tight, it will be a harder time for both you and the dog to enjoy the walk and teach the latter what you need. Here, we have listed for tips on how you can train your dog to walk on a loose leash.

The Attitude Of A Leader Is A Must

Dogs are really experts at reading the body language. You must use your body in such a way that you communicate with the dog that you are the person in-charge of it. This can be done by holding the body how a natural leader would do when you are walking with it. You need to carry the thought that you are the in-charge of the dog in your mind to get this attitude. Do not attempt to prove that you are its in-charge. Simply communicate that you are in-charge with your attitude.


Use your right hand to hold the loop end of the leash and have your dog on the left side. Use your left hand to grab the leash loosely and leave slack in the leash between both you and your pet. It is essential to have a loose grip as it lets you be relaxed and provides more freedom to adjust as you walk. You must be able to swing your arms in a natural way while walking with your dog as this will reduce the stress levels both mental and physical. Also, this way, you and your pet will enjoy the walk. The more relaxed you feel, the more relaxed your dog will be. As long as both of you are relaxed, the walk will be enjoyable and you will have things under control. You need to think that the dog is an extension of your arm.

Frequent Changes In Directions

By changing the directions in which in your walk quite often when you dog is not expecting, you will be teaching the pet to pay better attention to you. The change in direction is the best way to avoid the dog from pulling. In case the dog is not used to walking on a leash, it will start walking faster than you and pull you. The frequent changes in the direction will make it walk as per your control. You need to stay relaxed and make a little effort to pull the dog to a different direction. Whenever your dog is about to pull you, you need to change the directions. This way, the dog will soon learn that it is not an effective way to pull you where it wants to go.

Train In A Distraction-Free Place

You need to train your dog in your backyard, house or garage before you take it on a real walk. This will help the dog learn how to walk in a better way without much distraction that it will face in a real walk. Both you and your dog should be focused on the training and you need to involve in a conversation so that the dog is focused on you