Developing a Harmonious Relationship with Your Dog

Teaching a dog to sit using food

The key to enjoying having a four-legged friend around the home, in my experience at least, is in developing a positive relationship with him or her from the first moment you meet. Start off on the right foot and things will be very easy for you; make basic mistakes from the get go and it will be harder, although certainly not impossible, to make the relationship work in the future. As I am by no means an expert in canine behaviour, I have taken the 2 dogs that I have personally owned to see a professional trainer, when they were still very young.

 How Professional Dog Training in Surrey Has Helped Me and My Pets

 It may be worth travelling if you cannot find a suitably qualified professional in your area but I was lucky in this respect as I found a dog trainer with a first-rate record living just a few miles away There are several key benefits I have enjoyed thanks to the time and money I invested in professional assistance with the training of my pets.

  •  Learning How to Treat My Dogs– Although no two dogs are the same, it is invariably the owners who are at fault when their pets start to misbehave. This was a difficult fact for me to swallow but once I accepted it, I was able to make rapid progress with my canine friends. Most dogs take their lead from their owners as far as the behaviour they exhibit is concerned: once you know how to behave, your dogs will quickly fall into line.
  •  Anticipation of Future Behavioural Issues– The knowledge that was passed down to me by the professionals I consulted made it much easier for me to anticipate potential problems in the future and ensure they never became a serious issue.
  •  Being Able to Respond Immediately to Obvious Signs– Unless you know what to look for, interpreting the behaviour of your pets can be very difficult indeed. Perhaps the biggest benefit I have enjoyed, thanks to the dog training in Surrey I invested in, is the ability to understand what my pets are trying to say to me and to react appropriately.

 If you would like to have a dog in your home but you are worried about training it, I can definitely recommend consulting a specialist. Doing so has made all the difference in the world to me and my pets.

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