Train Your Dog To Make It Walk On A Loose Leash

Train Your Dog To Make It Walk On A Loose Leash

In order to strengthen your position as an in-charge, it is important to leash train your dog. You must train your dog in such a way that it can walk on a loose leash. This way, both you and your dog will enjoy the walk. Using a tight leash will make it harder to control the dog. If you are going to make the leash tight, it will be a harder time for both you and the dog to enjoy the walk and teach the latter what you need. Here, we have listed for tips on how you can train your dog to walk on a loose leash.

The Attitude Of A Leader Is A Must

Dogs are really experts at reading the body language. You must use your body in such a way that you communicate with the dog that you are the person in-charge of it. This can be done by holding the body how a natural leader would do when you are walking with it. You need to carry the thought that you are the in-charge of the dog in your mind to get this attitude. Do not attempt to prove that you are its in-charge. Simply communicate that you are in-charge with your attitude.


Use your right hand to hold the loop end of the leash and have your dog on the left side. Use your left hand to grab the leash loosely and leave slack in the leash between both you and your pet. It is essential to have a loose grip as it lets you be relaxed and provides more freedom to adjust as you walk. You must be able to swing your arms in a natural way while walking with your dog as this will reduce the stress levels both mental and physical. Also, this way, you and your pet will enjoy the walk. The more relaxed you feel, the more relaxed your dog will be. As long as both of you are relaxed, the walk will be enjoyable and you will have things under control. You need to think that the dog is an extension of your arm.

Frequent Changes In Directions

By changing the directions in which in your walk quite often when you dog is not expecting, you will be teaching the pet to pay better attention to you. The change in direction is the best way to avoid the dog from pulling. In case the dog is not used to walking on a leash, it will start walking faster than you and pull you. The frequent changes in the direction will make it walk as per your control. You need to stay relaxed and make a little effort to pull the dog to a different direction. Whenever your dog is about to pull you, you need to change the directions. This way, the dog will soon learn that it is not an effective way to pull you where it wants to go.

Train In A Distraction-Free Place

You need to train your dog in your backyard, house or garage before you take it on a real walk. This will help the dog learn how to walk in a better way without much distraction that it will face in a real walk. Both you and your dog should be focused on the training and you need to involve in a conversation so that the dog is focused on you

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